Announcing Yaardvark 2.0

It's been a rocky two years, but I am happy to announce the release of Yaardvark 2.0! What started as a simple drag and drop template in 2015, has transformed into what is now Yaardvark 2.0. To our loyal customers, I thank you, and I'm grateful that you have stuck with us for this long.

As we prepare to launch our brand new website, I'd like to briefly share the history of Yaardvark and how we have evolved over the past 2 years.

For those of you who plan to use Yaardvark this summer, here are some new features you can expect with Yaardvark 2.0:

Location Based Services:
As a worker, you can now search for jobs within a set radius. For instance, say you only want to work a job within 20 miles of your home, with Yaardvark 2.0, you can easily filter out any unwanted jobs!

In App Messaging System:

With our in app messaging system, you can easily communicate with other users while keeping your personal information safe. When you apply for a job, accept a job, review a user, or resched…
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